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Our services began as the vision of dedicated physicians who recognised challenges faced by patients in accessing quality care: long waiting times, unjustifiably high costs of care, unnecessary interventions, lack of essential medicines and being attended to by staff who occasionally are under-qualified or grapple with improper attitudes towards patient care.

By combining our expertise with a unique personal touch, we, at Healridge Medical Centre are always striving to eliminate these shortcomings and provide the highest level of care to patients. We are already well known for our extended opening hours and seven days a week service and we are always on hand to provide quality, affordable and timely care to all patients requiring our services.

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mission statement

Driven by our passion, we aim to deliver consistently high quality care and treatment that is appropriate, efficient and timely to improve quality of lives.

our vision

Our vision is to build a first class patient focused health service, based on quality, affordability and equitability and be a trusted healthcare leader.

Our Vision
Our Values

our core values

Quality Service Delivery
Respect for Human Dignity
Social Responsibility
Team Work
Professional & Compassionate Care

why choose us


Our team of qualified personnel boast years of constructive experience – practising evidence based, patient driven medicine.

Seamless Care

With strong systems put in place, we continuously deliver efficient & well coordinated comprehensive medical care


Optimal patient care comprises teamwork between the doctor & the patient. We therefore highly value patient feedback



” Excellent service. I would definitely recommend Healridge to my loved ones” 


” All the staff members are Professional. Timely and smooth service delivery” 

Mr. Wanjala

”  What I valued the most is the dedicated time you get from the doctor “ 

Mama Bruce

”  The whole team was caring, right from the reception to the doctors “